Inflatable Heart Exhibit

When you are looking for an educational and fun exhibit for February heart month, an inflatable heart exhibit is always the perfect fit for any health related event. The AmeriHeart inflatable heart exhibit by Interactive Exhibits offers many features that can engage children and adults alike.

Students in front of the AmeriHeart
Medical Students showing their hearts in front of the AmeriHeart at the AHA Atlanta Heart Walk

Features of the AmeriHeart exhibit
A fully walk around inflatable medical exhibit of the human heart
Watch the blood flow through the heart with colorful lights
Hole in the heart / septal defect
Heart infections / endocarditis
Heart disease
Plaque buildup inside the heart
a heart bypass
Descending coronary artery
Inferior and superior vena cava
Right and left atria
Tricuspid valve
Aortic valve
Mitral valve and mitral valve defect
Right and left ventricles

As with all our events, Interactive Exhibits does it all. We do the shipping, set up, take down, and more. We have a dedicated Interactive Exhibits representative at every event to ensure the exhibit is working the way it should. We even provide your team with a printed tour guide should they want to provide exhibit tours. Contact us today to ensure that the AmeriHeart attends your next health fair or public health event.

AmeriHeart external view
AmeriHeart external view at the NAACP Health & Wellness Pavilion

AmeriHeart Tour Guide for events

Setting up the AmeriHeart
Setting up the AmeriHeart at the NAACP Convention

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