The AmeriBreasts®

The world’s only walk through tour of the human breasts with an emphasis on breast cancer education and prevention.

Features of The AmeriBreasts®

AmeriBreasts Exhibit at Houston Komen Run 2011non-cancerous lumps
inflammatory breast cancer
various stages of cancer I – IV
milk ducts
blood vessels
lymph nodes
self exam, screening and early detection information

Event Ideas for the AmeriBreasts®

AmeriBreasts long line at Komen Houston 2011breast cancer fundraisers and galas
breast cancer awareness month events
health museums
company health and wellness events
fitness expos
community health awareness events
hospital promotion and conferences
runs, walks, multi-day walks, rides & marathons

Dimensions of the AmeriBreasts®

The AmeriBreasts - Interior View - Cancer1

The AmeriBreasts - Interior View - Cancer

height – 12.5 feet
width – 15.5 feet
length – 19.5 feet
footprint – 12 feet by 9.3 feet
the AmeriBreasts® is transported in a shipping crate (43×49.5×36)
the interior of the AmeriBreasts® has self contained lighting


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